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Disclaimer: I take no responsibility for any injures caused by these recipes.

Bomb Fun with Balloons:

Propane Gas

What you are going to need to do is fill your balloons with the gas. Now it will only work with gas, not liquid gas. Liquid gas will eat through the balloons. Plus that would be stupid, it wouldn't even blow up.

Ok, after you have those balloons filled. Tape them together in a structure. Be creative. Make something constructive. If you are planning on making a big structure, make it outside, so you don't have problems getting out the doors.

Once you are satisfied with it, take paper and make a fuse. It does not have to complicated, just take paper and tape about 5 sheets vertically together. Then roll it closed. Flatten it. Then tape it closed. Once you are done, tape it to one of your balloons.

Take your balloon structure somewhere, where there are a lot of people and you can get special attention. Lets say like a park with a lot of people. Then light the fuse and run!!!! Watch as people are amazed!

This is a video I found on www.youtube.com